Nico is a writer and director for fiction and commercials.

Raised between split households in the ebb and flow of rural working-class life, Nico's work frequently delves into the rawness of family tensions, home, belonging, and identity. With a deep affinity for the cinematic experience, he loves to work within many genres—but refuses to be boxed into any of them—and constantly seeks to intertwine the familiar with the unexpected.

To date, Nico has directed numerous award-winning short films as well as music videos and spec commercials, and his projects have been screened at both national and international festivals. In addition to his work as a writer and director, he boasts an extensive technical background, having worked closely in production as well as post-production capacities. With over a decade of professional experience in the commercial film industry, he knows how to deliver projects of the highest quality, even under strict time and budget constraints.

Nico's ambition is clear—to establish himself as a director in the German film scene. Not one to wait around for permission, he is actively developing narrative film projects of various lengths, as well as spec commercials and music videos. Since 2023, he has been studying directing at the ifs (International Film School) in Cologne, Germany.


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You can also find Nico on Vimeo, Instagram, Letterboxd or Crew United.